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The Lizard in Cornwall

The Southern-most part of Britain

"But the place at which the coast scenery of the Lizard district arrives at its climax of grandeur is Kynance Cove. Here, such gigantic specimens are to be seen of the most beautiful of all varieties of rock - the "Serpentine" as are unrivalled in Cornwall; perhaps, unrivalled anywhere."

(Wilkie Collins; from "Rambles Beyond Railways" - 1851)

It is not known for sure, but it is possible that the curiously named "Lizard" derives originally from the old Cornish "Lys Ardh", meaning "High Court". Others have it that chart-makers named it from its likeness to a lizard's tale, but that is not really convincing. Perhaps there were rather too many "lizards" in the high courts at the time!

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