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Photographs taken 2006 to 2015

Porthleven is a very popular place for watching stormy seas! It faces directly into the south west, and is at the mercy of the Atlantic Ocean. In early 2014 , the harbour was overwhelmed, despite the harbour defences and protective storm barriers, but many boats were rescued in time, despite the devastation inside the inner harbour. Porthleven has recovered as it always does, with great Cornish community spirit. It is a beautiful place.

Porthleven Old Lifeboat House
Porthleven and the old Lifeboat House

Porthleven Beach
The beach at Porthleven - with many "walkies" paw prints and the like!

Porthleven Beach and Sea
The beach and surf can get pretty lively at Portleven, and is a particularly good "storm watching" spot!

Porthleven Waves it gets a bit livelier!

Porthleven Breaking Waves
...and livelier!

Porthleven Harbour Storm Barrier
When heavy weather is threatened, the storm barrier is put in, protecting the inner harbour and boats.
Unfortunately the violent storms of early 2014 overwhelmed even these protective measures, and the inner harbour
was devastated. Many boats were rescued in time, but the power of the sea can never be taken for granted.

Porthleven Storm Barrier Fitting
The storm barriers going in before another blow

Porthleven Storm Barrier Fitting
The system allows for relatively quick dropping in of the timbers, giving the inner harbour much needed
protection in this south-west-facing harbour - the force of the Atlantic can be unforgiving.

Porthleven Pill Box
Porthleven Harbour and yet another WWII Pill Box against the very real threat of invasion

Porthleven Cannon
The pair of old cannons ceremoniously protecting the harbour now.

Porthleven across Harbour
...and the Ship Inn with pride of place for best views!
(Why are all the best coastal pubs called "The Ship Inn"?!!)

Porthleven Ship Inn
The Ship Inn and Cannon

Porthleven Ship Inn
The Ship Inn

Porthleven Inner Harbour
The inner harbour at Porthleven

Porthleven Harbour Inn
The Harbour Inn - excellent refreshment stop!

Porthleven Clock Tower
The picturesque and many-photographed Clock Tower at Porthleven - probably another icon of Cornwall!

Porthleven Clock Tower
The Clock Tower (and Porthleven Council Offices)

Porthleven Clock Tower
A silhouetted Porthleven

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