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The Roseland and the South of Cornwall

The Cornish Riviera

"'Ros', the mountain or heath... were as naturally denominated, when the English came to settle among us in 936, 'Roseland'... hence we may learn to wonder at the folly of foreigners, who have turned the name Roseland into a compliment to the soil; have honoured the mountain above the valley, for fruitfulness, and interpreted a mere range of heath into a garden of roses!"

(Fortescue Hitchins; from "The History of Cornwall from the Earliest Records and Traditions" - 1824)

The Roseland apparently derives its name, not because it is full of roses, though there are a few, but because the Celtic word for heath or gorse is "rhos" - the name thus transcribed in modern days to Roseland. It is a wonder that Bodmin Moor did not succumb to the same name, rather thankfully, as somehow it would not have had quite the same ring to it! However named, this beautiful area forms part of the south coast, with its estuaries, small coves, harbours and sandy beaches, that has come to be known as the Cornish Riviera.


Locations and Places of Interest