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North Cornwall (East)

From the Camel Estuary, east up to Morwenstow

"'Bude... a seaside resort of fine sands and bare cliffs. The most fascinating feature of the town is a canal, constructed over a hundred years ago at a cost of more than a hundred thousand pounds, which is only navigable for a mile.... the truth is that Bude's special charm lies in her invigorating air and surf-riding over the Atlantic breakers, on sands that are as open to the winds as the treeless cliffs are."

(S.P.B.Mais; "The Cornish Riviera" - 1928)

North Cornwall, often thought of as the north coast to the east of the Camel Estuary, has a character wholly different from the south coast. The cliffs are rugged, and steeped in legend and Arthurian mystery, and at Widemouth Bay, then Bude and to the north, there are wide expanses of sand facing the Atlantic.

Boscatle Harbour Entrance

Locations and Places of Interest