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Photographs taken 2005

The village of Tintagel was originally called "Trevenna" until 1907, after which time it took the name of the castle out on the "island" or Tintagel Head. Trevenna means "Tre" as in farm, village, settlement, homestead, and "venna" as in hill. "Tintagel", it should be noted, is not pronounced "TintaGEL" as you would pronounce the 'g' in 'gull', but should be spoken as in "Tin-TAJ'l" with the 'j' as in 'jelly'.

The most striking building now remaining in the village, is the Old Post Office, now a museum; but the most striking and visible modern (Victorian) building now seen, is perhaps the Camelot Castle Hotel in its prominent location up on the cliffs - a few hotels like this were built in Victorian times in similar positions in Cornwall (for instance at Newquay), but it is not a thing that planners would likely allow now! Tintagel village is up on top of the hill above the remains of Tintagel Castle.

Tintagel village from the Castle

The views up and down the coast from Tintagel are typical North Cornwall cliffs...

The coast to the north of Tintagel

...and looking south from Tintagel

See the Tintagel Castle page for photographs of King Arthur's Tintagel and the Island Castle.

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