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Kennall Vale

Photographs taken 2005

Kennall Vale is very similar to Golitha Falls Nature Reserve. The site is managed by Cornwall Wildlife Trust, and is a wooded valley through which the River Kennall flows, and on its banks in the woods lie the remains of old industrial workings. Not a mine in this case, but a Gunpowder Works that made gunpowder - black powder - for the Cornish Mining industry. The works were at their peak during the 19th century but demand lessened with the invention of dynamite and "safer" explosives in the 1880s. Kennall Vale Gunpowder Works finally closed soon after 1900. It was not an entirely safe place to work - in 1838 a massive explosion destroyed several buildings. Amazingly, only one man died.

Kennall Vale
Kennall Vale

Kennall Vale Bridge
There is an excellent walking trail through the valley and woods

Kennall Vale Old Mill
Part of the old Gunpowder Works at Kennall Vale

Kennall Vale Old Powder Works
Old buildings and leats at Kennall Vale

Kennall Vale Waterfall
Leats and waterfalls serving the old mills

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