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Photographs taken 2011 to 2015

The Lizard, or Lizard Point and all the associated offshore rocks that are at the most southern tip of Britain, have been a dangerous place at sea through the centuries, claiming many a grave of ships and seamen. The Lizard Lighthouse holds a prominent spot on charts marking this dangerous place, and a Lifeboat used to be stationed here. The new Lizard Lifeboat Station is now at Kilcobben Cove, sheltered to the east of the Lizard. The importance of a Lifeboat being stationed here has been no less diminished, though thankfully the wrecks are far less frequent. It is a dramatic place.

Lizard Polpeor Cove
Polpeor Cove and the old Lizard Lifeboat House. Lizard Point is to the right.

Lizard Old Lifeboat House
The Lizard on a blustery day with some of the Lizard rocks threatening the unwary.
There are many more jagged rocks on the reefs just below the surface.

Lizard Old Lifeboat House
The old Lifeboat House

Lizard Old Lifeboat House
Lifeboat House and slipway for local boats

Polpeor Cove Boat Slip
Only the smallest of boats here now.

Lizard Old Lifeboat House
Looking down at low tide it is easy to see how extensive the treacherous rocks are

Lizard Old Lifeboat House Slipway
The remains of the old Lifeboat Slipway - a heavy costruction to withstand the heavy seas

Polbream Cove
Looking east to Polbream Cove, above which is sited the Lizard Lighthouse

Lizard Lighthouse
The Lizard Lighthouse - the light already operating in the decreased visibility.
Despite modern electronic navigational methods, lighthouses are still necessary and important to
safe navigation at sea - whether a small fishing boat or a large cargo vessel.

Lizard Light
The Lizard Light

Lizard Rocks
Some of the Lizard Rocks in the calm - a good perch for seabirds, probably Cormorants

Lizard Rocks Choppy
However, not so safe even in just a heavy chop!

Lizard Suevic Rescue
The rescue of the SS Suevic in 1907 - from the information plaques above the old Lifeboat house

Lizard Suevic Rescue
Rescue of the SS Suevic

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