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Mullion Cove

Photographs taken 2006 to 2015

Mullion Cove is always worth a visit if you are down on the Lizard. The seas there can be very good for "storm watching" though hopefully not bad enough to cause damage as has happened in some storms of recent years. The village of Mullion itself lies inland from the cove and has good facilities, while the cove itself has all the attractions of a beautiful old Cornish fishing cove, now trading perhaps more in tourism than in fish - though it is good to see there are still some small boats operating out of the harbour. The National Trust keeps threatening to leave the harbour breakwaters to the ravages of nature and winter storms, but thankfully has still continued to keep up repairs when it has been necessary.

Mullion Cove
Mullion Cove

Mullion Cove Boats
Looking down at the little harbour with Mullion Island beyond

Mullion Cove Breakwater
The harbour breakwaters at Mullion Cove
(you can see where repairs have visibly taken place on the breakwater opposite)

Mullion Cove Breakwater and Island
Mullion Island. If a recent TV drama was to be believed, there appeared to be an old hotel on it!

Mullion Cove View
Looking down on Mullion Cove from the cliffs above by the hotel

Mullion Cove Breakwater
The breakwater on a blustery day!

Mullion Cove Hotel
The Mullion Cove Hotel - a recommended stay for that special occasion!

Mullion Cove Cannon
The old cannon retrieved from an old wreck off the coast

Mullion Cove Island
Mullion Island, and in the foreground, Scovarn

Mullion Cove Rocks
The rocks behind the harbour and Scovarn

Mullion Cove Harbour View
Looking across the harbour towards the entrance to the cave - a natural tunnel - that goes through
to the beach on the other side of the small cliff

Mullion Cove Tunnel
The tunnel as it is today, now somewhat blocked compared to previous decades and old photographs

Mullion Cove Beach
The "tunnel" where it emerges out of the cave onto what used to be a less boulder and rock-strewn beach

Mullion Cove Breakwater Repairs
Recent repairs in progress again to the breakwater, where continual repairs are evident in the block-work

Mullion Cove Hotel and Jonathan
Jonathan Livingston clearly enjoys his holidays at Mullion Cove!

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