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Photographs taken 2009

Minions is the highest village in Cornwall, and it also has the highest pub - the Cheesewring Hotel (which was opposite the old 'Temperance Hotel'), and which is now a Pub and Restaurant that serves excellent food - try the Cheesewring Pork that comes with all the trimmings, if you have a healthy appetite! Or the Lamb Cobbler and Dumplings... or the Lamb Shanks or the Steak and Kidney Pudding... or any of the rest of the spectacularly long and appetising menu! 995 feet above sea level, as the plaque on the side of the pub states, it seems a shame that it wasn't built on the other side of the road, which would probably have gained it the last 5 feet! Such is life.

Minions is an excellent centre to base your walking on this corner of the moor, and there are plenty of refreshments available in the village either before, after, or during your walks. Animals and livestock are free to wander through the village, and are to be found all along the roadsides in the area, so driving should be done with care here.

Minions was originally called Cheesewring Railway, and it grew as a central junction and shunting area on the Liskeard & Caradon Railway, and provided much needed housing for miners, quarry workers and railway workers. It was the mining boom of the nineteenth century that brought about the growth of this and several other villages in the area, and the railway ran straight through the centre of the village - no level crossing and health & safety in those days!

Minions View
View of Minions from Caradon Hill - a true moorland village

Minions Village
View through the village - but beware! - cows and sheep have the freedom of the village too!

Minions Street
The road into Minions

Minions Tearooms
Minions Shop and Tearooms - an excellent place to stop for pasty, cream tea or a cuppa!
(it's the Post office as well by the way)

Minions Cheesewring Pub
The Cheesewring Hotel - great pub and great food - you will not go hungry after a walk on the moor!

Minions Hurlers Halt
The Hurlers Halt - another great stop for teas, snacks or a full meal!

Minions Chapel
The old Methodist Chapel in Miions
(PM on the plaque means Primitive Methodists, and is dated 1863. It is now a private house)

Minions Pontius Piece
Pontius Piece - a lovely old house just along the Gonamena Incline down from Minions
(see the Liskeard & Cardon Railway for more information on the Gonamena Incline)

Minions Housemans
The Houseman's Shaft Engine House in Minions
Originally part of the old South Phoenix Mine, and now the Minions Heritage Centre giving you more
information about the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site in the Liskeard and caradon area.

Minions Housemans in the Snow
Houseman's Engine House, and the Minions Heritage Centre in the snow

Cornwall SAR
Cornwall SAR Search and Rescue Team training at Minions
The moor can be hazardous at times if you go out unprepared. When it gets foggy and misty, it is very easy to
get lost or disorientated! Always walk out on the moor with plan, particularly if you are walking some distance.
Download the Cornwall SAR Moorland Safety Leaflet here.

Further information about the village is available on the Minions Village website.

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