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Caradon Hill

Photographs taken 2009

Caradon Hill is not strictly on Bodmin Moor as it is technically just outside the Bodmin Moor Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. However, to all intents and purposes, it is a part of the same upland landscape, though not topped by a typical granite tor, but by a very man-made high-tech television aerial. This aerial takes the natural height of Caradon Hill at around 1211ft to a much greater additional 780ft, making a total "top-of-the-mast" height of 1991ft, and making it the highest lump of metal in Cornwall. More details about the mast itself can be found on the Riding the Mast page.

The mast has not been the only relic of human impact on Caradon Hill of course, as this goes back far longer. The hill is near surrounded by old mine houses and shafts from the copper boom of the 19th century, and also some old granite quarry workings at the Caradon Quarry. There are also remains and evidence of much older uses of the hill, as in the Bronze Age burial cairns to be found on and around the summit. There is also clear evidence of old tin streaming works, particularly those to be found at the site of the old Gonamena Tin Works on the western side of the hill.


Caradon Hill from the Cheesewring
Caradon Hill as seen from the Cheesewring on Stowe's Hill


Caradon Hill TV Mast
The very prominent TV masts on the top of Caradon Hill


Caradon Hill Mast and Mines
These masts are in sharp contrast to the old 19th century mining engine houses around the hill


Cardon Hill Old and New
...and also the old Caradon Quarry that produced granite into the 1960s.


Cardon Hill Old Workings
Some of the remains of the old Gonamena Tin Streaming Works


Caradon Hill Old Workings
An interesting old ditch...
...part of an old tin streaming or "lode-back" working, prospective mining, or just a drainage leat of some form?
Ending in a large granite boulder, the original purpose of this ditch seems a little unclear.
Answers on a postcard!


View from Caradon Hill
The view from Caradon Hill out over towards Notter Tor and the north


Caradon Hill in Winter
Caradon Hill in Winter

For more information about the Caradon Mast iteslf, see the Riding the Mast page
(and how engineers are able to get up there to work!)

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