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Golitha Falls in the Snow

Photographs taken 2005

These photographs of Golitha Falls in the snow were taken on 25th November 2005, when we had a very unusual heavy snowfall over Bodmin Moor, that caused chaos up on the A30 that crosses the moor, and several motorists were stranded in their cars. This is not usual for Cornwall in November! However, the snowfall made for some excellent photographic opportunities, as the air was particularly still, the snow was of that delightful stickiness that you can get, and it was clinging to all the branches and twigs of the trees in spectacular fashion!

For more images of Golitha Falls themselves (in fine weather!), have a look at the Golitha Falls page.

Golitha Down Lane in the Snow
The view from the lane down to Golitha Falls in the overcast snowy light from the still threatening sky
(Golitha Falls are down through the woods in the trees across the river)

Golitha down lane in the Snow
On the way down the lane

Draynes Bridge in the Snow
Draynes Bridge and the river

Golitha in the Snow Beech Avenue
The beech avenue has turned into a snow covered avenue, with the snow still heaped on the branches

Golitha Snow Trees
The snow was clinging to every twig in the still air under the very overcast sky

Golitha Snow Upper Falls
The Upper Falls

Golitha Snow Lower Falls
Near the Lower Falls

Golitha Snow up through trees
Looking up through the snow covered trees

Golitha Track in Snow
The old path back through the woods just above the river

Golitha Track in Snow
The path was no doubt one of the old tracks used to access the old Wheal Victoria Copper Mine

Golitha Track in Snow
Still all covered in snow, with still few footprints; it was like some kind of enchanted snowy landscape
from the world of Narnia, just waiting for the Snow Queen to come rattling by on her sleigh!

Golitha Arch through Trees
Archways through the trees

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For information and images of the old mine workings, see the Wheal Victoria Copper Mine page.

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