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Golitha Falls in January

Photographs taken 2011

Here are some more images of the River Fowey at Golitha, and of Golitha Falls themselves. These photos were all taken in January 2011, except for the first image looking along the river from just down from Draynes Bridge, which was taken in April 2012. Golitha Falls in January shows the trees at their barest, which allows much more light ito the gorge itself, and it can certainly make exploration around the Falls a little easier with less entanglement of undergrowth! For further images of Golitha Falls during the Winter, see Golitha Falls in the Snow.

Golitha January river Fowey
The River Fowey at Golitha, taken from just below Draynes Bridge

Golitha January River Bend
At the bend in the river, just as it enters the gorge

Golitha January towards Bend
Looking back up towards the bend in the river

Golitha January Upper falls
Looking down from near the top of the Upper falls

Golitha January Upper Falls
Further down the Upper Falls

Golitha January Upper falls
Another look down the Upper Falls

Golitha January Lower Falls
Looking back up some of the Lower Falls

Golitha January
There always seem to be branches or trunks of fallen trees at this time of year

Golitha January View up Falls
The view up the Falls from the top of the Lower Falls

Golitha January Lower Falls
The Lower Falls at Golitha as viewed from the roks by entrance to the old mine adit
(See the Wheal Victoria Copper Mine page)

Golitha January View up through Trees
Looking up through the January trees - all a little bare at this time of year!

Golitha January towards Bottom Pool
Looking down towards the bottom pool at the base of the Lower Falls

Golitha January View down Falls
The urge to explore further beckons...

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For information and images of the old mine workings, see the Wheal Victoria Copper Mine page.

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