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Golitha Falls in the Floods

Photographs taken 2013

During 2012, on the 21st and 22nd December, the weather was not being too kind, and the River Fowey was in rampant flood, and a large amount of water was coming off Bodmin Moor. It may not have been the Mayan prophesy come true of the end of the world on the 21st of December 2012, but it was a bit damp! A good deal of the paths were washed away and heavily eroded in places, trees came down and even bridges were displaced, but rest assured the paths have since been repaired and reinstated by Natural England, and Golitha Falls still has its alluring charm and mystery!

Some of the images below show the extent of the damage found after the flooding. For images of Golitha Falls in far more clement and happier weather, see the Golitha Falls and Golitha Falls in January pages!

Golitha Lane Flood
The flooded lane on the way down to Golitha Falls and Draynes Bridge

Golitha Awash
The view from the lane looking across at the river at the top of the falls, with the river in full spate

Golitha Normally
...and as it is normally!

Golitha Path Damage
The granite paths were quite severely damaged, and in some places washed right out

Golitha Path Damage
The river completely overflowed its banks and over the surrounding paths and leats

Golitha Bridge Damage
Even one of the footbridges was completely swept away down one of the leats until it became jammed in

Golitha Trees Down
Several trees became casualties as their roots were compromised.

Golitha Trees and Stream
One or two with quite hefty roots, especially by the river banks.
The bridge in the background was originally a way back behind the camera!

Golitha Trees Uprooted
This was probably the largest down over the river

Golitha Clogged Leat
Several leats became clogged and silted up - thankfully temporarily - with the disrupted paths

Golitha Falls
However the lower falls were far less affected, and much as they always look at this time of year.
Nature will always cover its tracks one way or another!

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