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Land's End

Photographs taken 2012 to 2015

Land's End is essentially that. It is the End of the Land, or at least the most westerly point in mainland Cornwall (and England as some would have you believe!). It is not the most southerly - that would be the Lizard - and it is not the most south-westerly, which would perhaps be Gwennap Head, but it is the farthest west. Not in the whole of Britain either, as that would be Ardnamurchan Point in Scotland, which lies further west by just over half a degree of longitude. Though not further west as measured by miles west of the Greenwich Meridian. But that is whole different debate.

For centuries, it has been the end of the land, and Land's End it has become known as. For most of its life it has been a romantic and rugged place, with a strange appeal to all who visit, and long to visit. Sadly however, in recent times, it has also become home to a strangely out-of-place and not very pretty theme park. But the End of the Land is still there, as is the First and Last House, and the famous Signpost. If you want a more dramatic end to the land, then the place to go is Cape Cornwall, a few miles to the north - you can reach it through St Just - you will not be disappointed. If you still want to see Land's End the proper way, and miss Dr Who and the Daleks, the Pirate Ships and the like, then there is a very splendid walk from Sennen Cove up and over the dramatic cliffs past the old Coastguard Lookout above the village.

Land's End
Land's End, or "The Peal" or Peal Point as it is known.
On the right is the First and Last House, with Cape Cornwall just visible beyond.

Land's End First and Last House
The First and Last House - now a cafe. Still not too different to the way it was a hundred years ago...

Land's End First and Last House Old
The First and Last House as it was in c1910. Land's End

Land's End Signpost
The famous Signpost. Letchworth has its moment of fame.

But all has not been quiet on the Land's End front... now we have a hotel, theme park, fireworks, Dr Who, Daleks, Pirates, and other amusements. There are however now some nature and craft trails, places to eat and shop, and animals on an old farmstead, plus the walks and scenery.

Land's End Attraction
Land's End - the entrance to the Theme Park bit

Land's End Pirates
Pirates and King Arthur and stuff - I'm afraid that's the only photograph of it!

Land's End Postbox
Even the First and Last Post Box in England has now closed.

But there are still those views, and knowing that you are at the end of the land...

Land's End looking North
Looking north from Land's End towards Sennen Cove (just behind the headland).

Land's End Peber Rock
"Peber" Rock, just to the south of The Peal, with Longships Reef and Lighthouse beyond

Land's End Telescope
The First and Last Telescope in England - with a view on Longships, just one and a half miles off.

Land's End
Land's End from the north side on a more blustery day.

Land's End Longships
Longships Lighthouse

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