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Sennen Cove

Photographs taken 2010 to 2014

Sennen Cove is the most westerly village in Cornwall, set in a dramatic location facing the wrath of the Atlantic Ocean, with a beautiful sandy beach, and is a great place to walk across the cliff tops to Land's End from.

Sennen Cove
Sennen Cove, Roundhouse, Lifeboat House and breakwater from the path up to the old Coastguard Lookout

Sennen Cove Slip
The slipway and breakwater at Sennen Cove - there is still a small fishing fleet working here

Sennen Cove Beach
Sennen Cove beach looking across Whitesand Bay with Cape Cornwall off in the distance

Sennen Cove Longships
Longships reef and Lighthouse, seen from the beach at Sennen on a windier day

Sennen Cove Lifeboat House
Sennen Lifeboat House

Sennen Cove Lifeboat
Sennen Cove RNLI Lifeboat "City of London III" - a Tamar Class, slipway launched.
Standing by this Lifeboat, facing the Atlantic, one gets the feeling that this boat means business.

Sennen Cove Lookout
The old Coastguard Lookout above Sennen Cove - there is an excellent walk to Land's End from here.

Sennen Cove Lookout
Plaque at the Coastguard Lookout

Sennen Cove view from Lookout
Looking back down the path to Sennen, with the old Rocket apparatus

Sennen Cove Longships from Lookout
Looking out towards a windy Longships from the Lookout

Sennen Cove Pedn-Men-Du
Land's End from the Lookout, and Pedn-men-du in the foreground (or the "Irish Lady")

Sennen Cove Longships and Land's End
The Peal (Land's End) and Longships beyond

Sennen Cove Wreck
Remains of the coastal cargo vessel RMS Mulheim, wrecked in 2003 near the Lookout

Sennen Cove Pill Box
Old Second World War Pill Boxes above Sennen beach, against possible invasion

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