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Cape Cornwall

Photographs taken 2009 to 2010

Cape Cornwall is the alternative Land's End. It is far more scenic, if not just as rugged, and has far more character and associated industrial history, without the theme park of its neighbour to the south. In some ways with its greater physical prominence, it is a far more fitting End to the Land. And it is Cornwall's and England's only Cape, having been named as such, as it was thought prior to proper surveys, that it was indeed the furthest point west.

Cape Cornwall
Cape Cornwall as seen from Sennen Cove

Cape Cornwall
Cape Cornwall is now owned by the National Trust. The buildings are a part of the
old tin mine workings, and the old chimney was also linked to these, originally for burning off arsenic.
The chimney has been retained as an aid to navigation.

Cape Cornwall The Brisons
The Brisons, two miles offshore, or as some have named them, "Charles de Gaulle in the Bath". A little cruel!

Cape Cornwall
The Cape itself, with the Cape Cornwall NCI (National Coastwatch Institution) Lookout below.

Cape Cornwall NCI
Cape Cornwall NCI

Cape Cornwall Chimney
The Chimney - on a somewhat blustery day!

Cape Cornwall looking South
Looking south down the coast towards Sennen Cove in the distance. A remote stretch of coast.
Land's End is beyond the headland out to the right of the image.

Cape Cornwall Priest's Cove
Priest's Cove below Cape Cornwall - no Priests here, just mis-named on the old OS maps!

Cape Cornwall Priest's Cove
There is still a small fishing activity at Priest's Cove

Cape Cornwall Priest's Cove
Fishing boats, old fishing huts and sheds, and the slipway at Priest's Cove

Cape Cornwall Priest's Cove Boats
With the full force of the Atlantic out there, best on a calm day!

Cape Cornwall Priest's Cove Nets and Huts
Nets and old fishing huts - note the turf roofs!

Cape Cornwall St Helen's Chapel
St Helens Chapel or Oratory - one of the first chapels in west Cornwall. The grave beyond and to the right
is that of Donald Arthur Payne of Nanpean Farm, who reconstructed the chapel in 1985.

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