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The Eden Project - The Core

Photographs taken 2007

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"The Core" at the Eden Project opened in October 2005. The new building opened as an interactive education centre that shows in a very visual and physical way how we depend on the Earth's eco-systems, and what plants really do for us. It shows how wasteful, in energy terms, processed food is - taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut! Indeed the whole building is reminiscent in its design of a flowering plant.

Eden - The Core
Outside the Core

Eden - The Core
The Eden Core

The Core is an extremely thought provoking experience, and something that stays with you. Inside is a display demonstrating the Earth's eco-system and how plants keep the world working...

Eden - The Core
The Earth's Eco System in the Core

...and other displays demonstrating how processed foods are so wasteful in the amount of energy taken to produce them.

Eden - The Core
Taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut

The WEEE Man (and our throw-away society)

Outside in the outdoor biome, there is now the "WEEE Man" - three and a half tons worth of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment that is thrown away during each and every average human lifetime - illustrated by a "monster" creature built up of all the equipment discarded by one person.

Eden - WEEE Man
Eden WEEE Man

Eden - WEEE Man
The WEEE Man Calculations

Other Creatures of Eden

Eden - Tribal Figure
Eden Tribal Figures in the Temperate Biome

Eden - Tribal Figure
Eden Tribesman

Eden - Bee
And the Eden Bee at work outside in the Outdoor Biome

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