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The Eden Project at Night

Photographs taken 2004

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The Eden Project at night is sensory experience completely different to that during the day. During "A Time of Gifts", the Eden Project produced a magical winter transformation (between November 2004 and early February 2005), with dramatic night-time effects in the biomes, and which has been produced in one form or another every winter since. There was an eerie jungle soundscape in the Tropical Biome, with all the lights reflecting off the inside of the biome like stars, and there were dancers and performers in the Warm Temperate Biome. The outdoor landscape was littered with braziers, lanterns... and ice skating! This Winter Spectacle has been repeated every year.

As dusk fell over Eden and the new ice skating "biome", the view transformed...

Eden Project at Night dusk falls over Eden...

Eden Project at Night this, and Eden Nights awaken!

Eden Project at Night
Looking down towards the Eden Project Ice Skating rink

Eden Project at Night
Inside the Eden Ice Rink

Eden Project at Night
While outside, the night-time Eden Biomes beckoned...

The Tropical Biome

With the sounds of the jungle at night, the plants and dampness all around, the animals calling, the cool night-time warmth, and the lights reflecting like stars overhead, it was hard not to imagine that you were really there... and not in an old china clay quarry in Cornwall!

Eden Project at Night
Jungle Nights

Eden Project at Night
Peering through the jungle to the biome canopy, amid the jungle night noises

Eden Project at Night
Starry Starry Night - and a night-time of reflected stars

The Warm Temperate Biome

Completely different to the Tropical biome, where there were musicians, dancers, performers, and more stars overhead! A cool Mediterranean evening full of fun and music - a far cry from the cold December night outside! 

Eden Project at Night
Mediterranean Evening at Eden

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