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Photographs taken 2005

Seaton is a pretty, out-of-the way kind of spot, with a lovely shingle beach which is great for walking along this stretch of the coast. There are views over to St.George's Island (Looe Island) - now a Cornish Wildlife Trust reserve - and on a clear day, you can see out to the Eddystone lighthouse.

Legend has recorded that there was once a significant commercial town that went by the name of Seaton, that existed in the days when Plymouth was still only a small fishing village. At the height of its prosperity, the town was apparently overwhelmed by sand, which was due to the curse of a local mermaid who was a little put out by the treatment given to her by the local Seaton sailors...

You can choose between a fine village green on the one hand, or the beach on the other, and there is a pub, two cafes, and a restaurant to choose refreshments and food from!

View up the River Seaton, opposite the beach - even the ducks don't seem to mind salty water!

The beach is open for dog walking all year, but please pick up any little happenings afterwards!

You can walk east along the coast, on the beach or the sea wall

View towards Looe, with views of Looe Island (St.George's Island)

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