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Looe Island (St George's Island)

Photographs taken 2007 to 2008

An Island of Dreams. Two sisters, Babs and Evelyn Atkins, dreamed of owning an island, and bought it in 1965. Visit the Looe Island website, or for more information, check the Sisters' Island Dream website. The island was once also known as St.George's Island, and has also been recorded as St.Michael's Island.

The island once came under the control of Glastonbury Abbey, and legend has it that Joseph of Aramathea also landed here during the first century AD with the child Jesus, while trading for tin. The old chapel, or the remains of it on the summit of the island, has a long history originating back into the mists of the Dark Ages, during which time it came under the control of Benedictine Monks, and became a place of pilgrimage. The island was sold in 1289, and the chapel then came under the jurisdiction of a secular (non-monastic) priest.

See the Time Team episode can be found at the bottom of the page, called "Hermit Harbour".

To see what a visit Looe Island itself is like, have a look at the Visit to Looe Island page.

Looe Island
View of Looe Island from above the rock pools in West Looe


Looe Island
The mystical St.George's Island seen from Seaton - inhabited since Roman Times

looe Island
Looe Island on an overcast day seen from West Looe beach

Looe Island
The small group of houses on the island - and possibly one of the wardens returning to the mainland

Looe Island grey skies open
The grey skies mystically open above St.George's Island

Watch the Time Team "Hermit Harbour" all about the chapel on Looe Island

To see what a visit Looe Island itself is like, have a look at the Visit to Looe Island page.

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