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Fowey Shipping

Photographs taken 2004 to 2015

Shipping in and around Fowey Harbour

Fowey Shipping Tregeagle
Fowey harbour tug "Tregeagle"

Fowey Shipping Cormilan and Tregeagle
Fowey Tugs "Cormilan" and "Tregeagle" moored off Mixtow, opposite the China Clay berths

Fowey Shipping
Coaster entering with both Fowey tugs "Tregeagle" and "Pendennick" assisting

Fowey Shipping
The coaster "Berit"

Fowey Shipping
China Clay coaster in ballast, entering at low water, seen from the Peak at Polruan

Fowey Shipping
The "Alteland" from Hamburg leaving harbour with the Pilot Boat accompanying

Fowey Shipping
The "Alteland" leaving harbour under an overcast sky

Fowey Shipping China Clay Berths
The lower china clay berths as seen from Fowey

Fowey Shipping China Clay Berths
Coaster on one of the china clay berths above Fowey

Fowey Shipping China Clay Berths
Looking towards the china clay berths from Polruan, with a Fowey regular ("Alteland")

Fowey Shipping Sunnanhav
Another regular "Sunnanhav" on the china clay docks opposite Mixtow

Fowey Shipping Sunnanhav
Collecting the Pilot from the "Sunnanhav" from Oslo

Fowey Shipping Swegard
The "Swegard" on the china clay docks

Fowey Shipping Celtic Carrier
"Celtic Carrier" has also been a regular calling at Fowey

Fowey Shipping Admiral Grenville
The fishing vessel "Admiral Grenville" from Plymouth

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