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Fowey Shipping (More)

Photographs taken 2004 to 2015

More Shipping in and around Fowey Harbour

There has been a very varied range of vessels that visit Fowey! The harbour is always interesting, and there is always something going on. It is always an attraction when the larger ships visit.

Visiting Warships

Fowey Shipping HMS Cornwall
"HMS Cornwall", a Type 22 Frigate paying a courtesy visit to Fowey before she was decommissioned

Fowey Shipping HMS Enterprise
"HMS Enterprise", a multi-role Survey Vessel of the Echo Class
(quite a contrast of motive power in that photo!)

Visiting Cruise Ships

Fowey Shipping The World
On first sight, a new block of flats in Fowey???

Fowey Shipping The World
Nope! Just "The World" on a visit.

Fowey Shipping The World
"The World" - a live-aboard cruise ship
(I really really missed my opportunity here... I should have gone out in my boat that day...
...I could have claimed to have sailed around the World!)

Fowey Shipping Silver Whisper
Some cruise ships have to anchor outside the harbour, as the "Silver Whisper" did here.
(She's been inside the harbour before, but weather, time and tide do sometimes dictate where some ships anchor or moor)

Fowey Shipping Silver Whisper
A Cruise-ships-eye-view of Fowey Harbour from the "Silver Whisper"
(we were lucky enough to go aboard that day!)

Fowey Shipping Deutschland
A number of cruise ships call at Fowey, including the "Deutschland"

Visiting Sheds

Fowey Shipping The Shed
A Shed was spotted happily motoring down Penpoll Creek!

Fowey Shipping The Shed
...and another day, a Shed was spotted moored against the slipway in Fowey!

Fowey Shipping The Shed
"The Shed"! Revealed on its trailer in a boatyard somewhere near Fowey

Fowey Shipping The Shed
'Tis the "Maid of Dekkin"! (say it again slowly...)

Other Vessels

Fowey Shipping Ernest Shackleton
The Tall Ship "Stavros S Niachos" moored next to the British Antarctic Survey vessel "RRS Ernest Shackleton"

Fowey Shipping Old Schooner
An old schooner , the "Alice", seen around Fowey Harbour - very reminiscent of Frenchman's Creek!

Fowey Shipping Landing Craft
An ex-Army Landing Craft - unfortunately no other details!

Fowey Shipping Smit Yare
The Survey Vessel "Smit Yare" registered in Aberdeen

Fowey Shipping Salvage of Fishing Boat
Sadly some more tragic vessels appear, this being the salvaged wreck of the JMT M99,
a scallop trawler lost off Rame Head near the Eddystone Lighthouse, with the loss of one of its crew members.

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