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St Michael's Mount

Photographs taken 2006 to 2014

St Michael's Mount is an icon of Cornwall - probably the most well-known one, and certainly a must-see for visitors to Cornwall. The Mount has a harbour, village, castle and gardens, not to mention being an island with a causeway. When the tide is out, you can walk along the causeway to get there. The island and Mount are under the care of the National Trust, and unfortunately you are only allowed to take dogs across to the harbour, and there is no access to the rest of the island gardens on the Mount, or the castle. So sadly no images of the rest of the Mount here! For some other images around the Mount harbour, see the On the Island page. With the tide high, there is a ferry crossing to the Mount to either get you there, back again, or both. For full opening times and access details see the St Michael's Mount website.

The original old Cornish name for St Michael's Mount was "Cara Cowze in Clowze", which means "The hoar rock in the wood". What is now covered by sea, was once forest, and this is supported by the remains of petrified trees found in Mount's Bay, that have now sunk beneath the waves. Does this perhaps help substantiate the old myths of Lyonesse, when sea levels were lower, and what are now the Isles of Scilly were once larger and perhaps connected, or barely separated, from the mainland? When Longships and Seven Stones Reef off Land's End were but rocky tors in an old land?

St Michael's Mount
St Michael's Mount as seen from Marazion

St Michael's Mount
Looking closer, and the causeway can be seen under the clear water

St Michael's Mount Castle
The Castle on the Mount

St Michael's Mount Castle
The Castle late in the evening

St Michael's Mount
St Michael's Mount is compulsively photogenic in any weather... here are just a few from early evening

St Michael's Mount
The early evening haze and pink sky has given the Mount an almost ethereal feel...

St Michael's Mount in Haze
The Mount in the haze

St Michael's Mount Fog
Just now and again you can't see it all when it gets cloudy up top!

St Michael's Mount Dolphin View
The Dolphin in Marazion on a better day!

St Michael's Mount Overcast
Under the streetlamp

St Michael's Mount Sunset
Calm Sunset

St Michael's Mount December Sunset
A cloudy December sunset

St Michael's Mount Sun Rays
Overcast but sunrays still shine on the Mount

St Michael's Mount Crossing
Reflections in the wet Autumn sand

St Michael's Mount Causeway Sunset
Sunset over the causeway

St Michael's Mount from Ferry Steps
A favourite view of the Mount from the ferry steps

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