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South East Cornwall, Bodmin Moor, St Cleer & Minions, and North & West Cornwall

Bodmin Moor and its natural and historical heritage Mining heritage of the Caradon, Minions and Liskeard mining area and South East Cornwall Houses and Castles around SE Cornwall - and the rest of Cornwall North Cornwall places of interest inland and on the coast Cornwall's Moods - from moor to sea
St.Cleer, Redgate, Golitha Falls and the local area, Minions and Liskeard South East Cornwall places of interest inland South East Cornwall places of interest on the coast West Cornwall places of interest inland and on the coast X-Files and Other Things - the Beast of Bodmin Moor, Lyonesse, Square Rig Sailing and more!

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"An Golonn Gudhys a Gernow"
Bodmin Moor... "The Hidden Heart of Cornwall"
"Bodmin Moor is the heart of Cornwall. It is as distinctive as Dartmoor, and in no way less impressive.
Its fringes are scattered with tiny farms and homesteads of granite and slate, with boundaries of turf and
stone to enclose the meagre, hard won fields, and its vast sweep is broken by a tumbled mass of
rugged tors and smoothly rounded downs and only here and there the dark, forlorn outline of a tortured,
stunted tree leaning from the wind." (taken from W.MacArthur "The River Fowey" - 1948)

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"the dark forlorn outline of tortured stunted trees leaning from the wind"

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Stowe's Hill

Stowe's Hill
Rillaton Barrow
The Hurlers
The Cheesewring
Daniel Gumb's Cave
Sharp Tor
Bearah Tor
Kilmar Tor
Rough Tor
Brown Willy
St Bellarmin's Tor
Dozmary Pool
Moor Tors (List of all Bodmin Moor's Tors)
Moor Wildlife - coming soon!



"Bodmin Moor is a place where dreams are created and fulfilled. A magic place... it is a wonderful locale for those who desire to walk and think their own thoughts, amidst the space and quietude existing in the very heart of this unique and special place that is Cornwall."
(E.V.Thompson; from Walks on Bodmin Moor)

"Wildlife abounds on the moor, whether it is grazing sheep and ponies, wheeling buzzards, or other flora and fauna; but the moor is still very much a working landscape, where the welfare of livestock and land need full consideration by all who use and visit the moor."

Tin-streaming works on the moor
Old tin-streaming works


Siblyback Lake

St Cleer
Redgate, and a River Captured
Golitha Falls
Golitha Falls in January
Golitha Falls in the Snow
Golitha Falls in the Floods
King Doniert's Stone
Trethevy Quoit
Siblyback Lake
Caradon Hill
Crow's Nest


"During 1840s to 1890s St.Cleer became known as "Hell up by Liskeard", due to the somewhat poor social conditions, excessive drinking and immorality, that resulted from this sudden increase in the mining population. By 1901, the population of St.Cleer had decreased again to half what it was at the height of the mining boom."
St.Cleer church
St.Cleer church


Phoenix United Mine

Cornish Mining World Heritage Site (Minions & Caradon Area)
The Man Engine - NEW
Phoenix United Mine
Carnglaze Caverns (Slate Mine)
Tin Streaming
South Caradon Mine
West Caradon Mine
South Phoenix Mine
New Phoenix Mine ( Silver Valley Mine )
Craddock Moor Mine
Wheal Jenkin Mine
Wheal Victoria Copper Mine (Golitha Falls)
Underground in Wheal Victoria Mine
Gold Diggings Quarry
Bearah Tor Quarry
Cheesewring Quarry
Richard Trevithick's Puffing Devil at Minions
Liskeard & Caradon Railway - Moorswater to Caradon
Liskeard & Caradon Railway - Caradon to Kilmar
Glynn Valley Mine
Botallack Mine - The Crowns
Geevor Mine
Geevor - the Preserved Tin Mill & Mine
Geevor Mine - Underground in Wheal Mexico


The Mining Scene

"Hast ever seen a mine? Hast ever been
Down it in its fabled grottoes,
                                     walled with gems,
And canopied with torrid mineral belts,
That blaze within the fiery orifice?
Hast ever, by the glimmer of a lamp,
Or the fast waning taper,
                                    gone down, down,
Towards the earth's dread centre,
                                       where wise men
Have told us that the earthquake
                                             is conceived,
And great Vesuvius hath his lava-house,
Which burns and burns forever,
                                          shooting forth
As from a fountain of eternal fire?
Hast ever heard, within this prison house,
The startling hoof of fear? the eternal flow
Of some dread meaning
                           whispering to thy soul?"

(John Harris; miner and poet)

New Phoenix Mine
New Phoenix Mine


The Eden Project

Sterts Open Air Theatre
Eden Project
Eden Project - The Core
Eden Project at Night
Rum Store & Enchanted Dell at Carnglaze Caverns
The Lost Gardens of Heligan
Bodmin Courtroom Experience (historical - closed 2019)
Bodmin Jail - re-opening May 2020!
Bodmin & Wenford Railway - coming soon!
Looe Valley Scenic Railway Line - Liskeard to Causeland
Looe Valley Scenic Railway Line - Causeland to Looe
Looe Valley Line - Moorswater Section & Viaduct
River Fowey: Source on Bodmin Moor to Golitha Falls
River Fowey: Golitha Falls to Lostwithiel
River Fowey: Tidal from Lostwithiel to the Sea
Cardinham Woods


"A visit to the Lost Gardens of Heligan on a misty February day can be as rewarding as any other day in the year! The Jungle, as it is called, is a captivating board-walk down a steep valley, filled with ponds, tree ferns, and giant rhubarb. With the mists, it is more Jurassic than Jungle!"


Earth sculpture at the Lost Gardens of Heligan
Earth sculpture at Heligan


Fowey harbour entrance, Punch's Cross on the Polruan side, and Readymoney Cove on the Fowey side

Tamar Bridges - coming soon!
Kingsands & Cawsands
Looe Island
Downend Point
Polperro Harbour
Lansallos Cove
Pencarrow Head
Fowey - Town and Harbour
Fowey - Harbour
Fowey - Harbour Shipping
Fowey Shipping - All Sorts!
Fowey Lifeboats
Gribben Head
Shipwreck & Heritage Centre


"Cornwall has many "secret"
little coves and inlets, that reveal a romantic history of smuggling in the area, and none quite achieves it so well as Lansallos Cove. Here a track winds down through the woods from the church in the village above - a typical smugglers' lane if ever there was!"

Lansallos Cove
Lansallos Cove

The beach at Lansallos
Lansallos Beach

Readymoney Cove and St.Catherine's Castle
Readymoney Cove
and St.Catherine's Castle


Pencarrow House

Cotehele House
Lanhydrock House
Mount Edgcumbe House
Pencarrow House
Restormel Castle - coming soon!
Launceston Castle
Tintagel Castle
St Mawes Castle
Pendennis Castle
St Catherine's Castle


"In 1644, Lanhydrock House was the headquarters of the Parliamentarian cause in Cornwall, but fell to the Royalists later that year, until once again returning to the Parliamentarians when the Royalists lost the war in Cornwall and the west in 1646. Pendennis Castle was the last Royalist stronghold in the county to surrender, and after a five month seige, the defenders were allowed to march out with full military honours, weapons, and banners flying."

Lanhydrock gate house
Lanhydrock gatehouse


Padstow outer harbour - opposite Rick Stein's Fish & Chips!

Trebarwith Strand
Port Quin
Port Isaac


"'Twas a Giant by the name of Bedruthan who used the stacks as stepping stones to cross the bay... or so the nineteenth century fairy-tale would have you believe. More likely, the steps of Bedruthan were those of the original "steps" or path down the cliff to the beach!"

Bedruthan Steps
Bedruthan Steps


St.Michael's Mount - an icon of Cornwall

Kennall Vale
Helford River
The Lizard
Mullion Cove
St Michael's Mount
St Michael's Mount - on the Island
Penberth Cove
Land's End
Sennen Cove
Cape Cornwall
Botallack Mine - The Crowns
Geevor Mine
Geevor - the Preserved Tin Mill & Mine
Geevor Mine - Underground in Wheal Mexico
Lanyon Quoit
St Ives
Chapel Porth
St Agnes
Trevaunance Cove


"St.Michael's Mount at one time, in old Cornish, was called "Cara Cowze in Clowze", which means "The hoar rock in the wood"... what is now covered by sea, was once forest, and this is supported by the remains of petrified trees found in Mount's Bay, that have now sunk beneath the waves. Does this perhaps help substantiate the old myths of Lyonesse?"


Harbour defences at Porthleven!


Surf's up!

Sunset and Moonwalk on Bodmin Moor
Surfing at Porthtowan
Breaking Seas
Stormy Waters 2014 - Best Images


On a beach in Cornwall
"The tide is rising fast; the sea dashes,
in higher and higher waves, on the
narrowing beach. Rain and mist are both
gone. Overhead the clouds are falling
asunder in every direction, assuming
strange momentary shapes, quaint airy
resemblances of the forms of the great
rocks among which we stand... great
golden rays shoot down over them;
far out on the ocean, the waters flash
into a streak of fire; the sails of ships
passing there, glitter bright;
yet a moment more, and the glorious
sunlight bursts out over the whole view."

(Wilkie Collins; Rambles beyond Railways)

Sunset over the moor
Sunset over Bodmin Moor

X-FILES & Other

Secret places!

The Beast of Bodmin Moor
Riding the Mast
Hot-Air Ballooning in South East Cornwall
The Cornish Alps
The Draynes Bridge Mystery! - coming soon!
Goonhilly Earth Station
Square Rig Sailing out of Fowey on the Brig "Phoenix"
Gaff Rig Sailing in Fowey on a Clovelly Picarooner
Motor Boating in Fowey on a Hardy Family Pilot
Best Fish Pies of Cornwall - updated!


"Sailing aboard the Phoenix is an amazing experience - even more so for those with a love of the sea, and a sense of the great sailing vessels of the past. To be aboard a square rigger under sail is like taking a step out of time, and for three hours - or for longer trips - it is still possible to do so!"

Sailing the Phoenix
The Phoenix

Pugwash the Viking requests the pleasure...

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