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Redgate Smithy Garden

Photographs taken 2004 to 2015

Guests are welcome to use the conservatory and main patio at any time, and to explore round our lovely woodland garden. All the paths lead through the woodland part of the garden to the grass triangles at the side, looking out over the fields, and up the hill to what we affectionately call "Redgate Mountain"! From the top patio there are views out across open fields towards our local village of St Cleer. On a quiet summer's evening, you can here the church bells in St Cleer, or listen to the buzzards mewing as they soar overhead. Whatever the season, the garden is continually changing; through the colours of Spring, the lazy days of Summer, the greens and browns of Autumn, and through to the hibernating and chilly days of Winter, preparing for the next new Spring.

Garden View
Looking up towards the woodland garden

Garden Rhododendrons and Azeleas
Rhododendrons and Azaleas

Garden Magnolia Tree
Near the top of the woodland area, we have a large Magnolia Tree

Garden Camellia Trees
And there are also a number of large single and double flowering Camellia Trees

We also have a quite unusual tree! It is a Crinodendron, or "Lantern Tree", and try as we might, we can't find any others in any Nurseries or Garden Centres hereabouts - but there are several growing in Redgate! It has also been referred to as an "Old Fashioned" Tulip Tree, but the flowers hang down on this tree, whereas the usual Tulip Tree flowers point upwards. It looks like a Fuchsia but it isn't, because the flowers do not have the longer stamens of the Fuchsia, and it also flowers at a different time of year.

Garden Crinodendron Tree
The Crinodendron Tree

The Garden through the Seasons:


After the cold, dark days of Winter (although some are very sunny!), the Spring season brings colour back again; first with snowdrops, and then with daffodils, bluebells and other bulbs.

Garden Snowdrops
Snowdrops and the garden starts renewing itself after Winter

Garden Bluebells
Springtime Bluebells in the woodland undergrowth


The warmer days of the Summer season bring more fullness to the garden, with lush greens and sprinkled colours blooming and changing in the flower beds, including foxgloves, poppies, roses and astilbes. The top patio is a lovely place to watch for swallows, and later in the evening, the fleeting glimpses of bats. And in the greenhouse, the fruits of labouring are hopefully maturing!

Garden Poppies
Oriental Summer poppies putting on a show

Garden Top View
The view from the top patio up the field (to Redgate Mountain!)


Come the Autumn, the misty September mornings and sunny bright days, the damper but often fine days of October, and then November signals the time for the Autumn maintenance to begin. This can be a wonderful time for being outside and working, and much can be done. There's nothing quite like watching the evenings slowly drawing in, and warming yourself by the occasional nice comforting bonfire!

From time to time a woodland garden such as ours needs a little renewal assistance - not so much gardening, but a little more along the lines of woodland management and conservation. For instance, we have had to take down a couple of overgrown and out of control trees, in order to encourage the growth and future flourishing of others, such as some of the camellia trees have been struggling to get any light. Such work also encourages the growth of other smaller shrubs, and what will be the trees of the future.

Garden Forestry
The season settles in, and a little woodland management is required


And finally, the shorter days brought on by the arrival of Winter can bring not only the odd bright and frosty morning, but some beautiful surprises as well, and if it snows...

Garden Snow Winter Wonderland
...we get a Winter Wonderland!

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