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Captain Pugwash

A Small Tribute: The Captain at his best!

To the Finest Cap'n who ever Pirated the Seven Seas, and to the Black Pig an' All Who Sailed in 'Er!

Well Kipper me Capstans, it's all down to that great John Ryan! You can explore all his work at the Captain Pugwash Exhibition below! He was a genius that one, an' now Good Ol' Cap'n Pugwash 'as bin Piratin' the Seas for over 50 years!

Captain Pugwash Titles... and a few random clips! (courtesy of Philip Pepper on YouTube)

an' Blisterin' Barnacles, by the way...

"Totterin' Turtles me hearties! 'T'is but an urban myth all those blisterin' names they be usin'! 'T'is only me Master Mate o' the Black Pig, me buccaneers Willy an' Barnabas, an' me Cabin Boy Tom! 'T'is all the fault o' that Cut Throat Jake!"

A few good Black Pig Links...

British Comedy Classics: Captain Pugwash, 1957

Captain Pugwash on Toonhound

Explore the work of John Ryan - The Captain Pugwash Exhibition: John Ryan: A Retrospective

Learn all about Captain Pugwash at Wikipedia.

Pugwash the Viking
...He He He!!!

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