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Hot Air Ballooning in South East Cornwall

Photographs taken 2005

An evening taken up thoroughly pleasurably, chasing Hot Air Balloons across the countryside! Two of our guests, Phil and Chris, had booked a Virgin Balloon flight from nearby St.Ive, near Liskeard and on the southern fringes of Bodmin Moor. The wind was a little finicky, blowing northwest first, and then southwest later - but that seems to be the fun of ballooning, and choosing the best field to launch from, with least urban obstacles in the way! Launching was courtesy of a friendly Rilla Mill farmer, and we were there to watch...

The balloon is laid out, and air fans used to part inflate it...

Hot Air Ballooning
Slowly the balloon fills...

Hot Air Ballooning
...and the burners are then used to fill the balloon with hot air...

Hot Air Ballooning
All ready, and all aboard!

Hot Air Ballooning
More power to the burners, and ready for lift off...

Hot Air Ballooning
Looking up into the balloon...

Hot Air Ballooning
Lift off!

Hot Air Ballooning
...and off into the outer beyond, and a wonderful flight - complete with champagne!
(and all we had to do, was try and follow it!!!)

For details of hot air ballooning over South East Cornwall, contact Virgin Balloon Flights:
Visit the Virgin Balloon Flights website.

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