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The Rum Store and Enchanted Dell
(at Carnglaze Caverns)

Photographs taken 2004 to 2009

The "Rum Store" is a very unique, and really quite amazing underground concert venue that you will find hidden inside, and underneath, the side of a hill hidden down a beautiful and secluded valley in South East Cornwall! The Rum Store is at Carnglaze Caverns near St.Neot, which is also now affiliated to the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site, having been granted this status in 2013.

It was during the Second World War, that the main cavern at Carnglaze was used for the safe and secure storing of rum for the Royal Navy - a most necessary item - and thus its name... The Rum Store!

The Rum Store has now become a venue for a complete range of musical events, due in no small part to the very unique and excellent acoustics that are to be found here in the hewn out underground chamber. Tickets for the classical, operatic, folk and popular rock concerts, and other performances, all sell like hot cakes!

The Enchanted Dell is a a magical woodland walk, through three acres of the woodland realm, covered in bluebells during Spring. Follow the path and look for the collection of bronze faires, mushrooms and dragons, not all of which are easily found as you might imagine! Don't miss the Crystals and Crafts shop.

For full details of up-coming concerts in the Rum Store, see the Concerts and Events section of the Carnglaze website.

The Rum Store

The entrance to the Rum Store is pretty unique (and very pretty!), and when it comes to grand entrances to concert venues, it is far better than the O2 or the Albert Hall! You will find it at the end of a lovely torch-lit walk through the woods from the car park - very atmospheric, especially on Whizz Bang Boogie Night!

Rum Store
The entrance to the Rum Store... inside the old underground quarry

The Rum Store is a place for wonderfully atmospheric concerts... whether it be a Rock Concert (which is very suitable!) or an enchanting evening of Classical Music.

Rum Store
Carnglaze Concerts and The Rum Store (not the Time Tunnel for those that remember that one!)

There are the Whizz Bang Boogie nights with fireworks and a boogie band come November 5th, and other seasonal events come Christmas, often a Christmas concert...

Rum Store
A Christmas Concert at Carnglaze

Tribute bands are very popular here as well as many other well known names on tour. One particularly appropriate band to play in the Caverns has been the "Cavern Beatles", a tribute band to you-know-who (who originally played at the Cavern Club in Liverpool), and very good they were too!

Rum Store
The stage is set for the Cavern Beatles (a tribute band very aptly named!)...

Rum Store transport you back to the 1960s with all the songs you remember

The Enchanted Dell

Enchanted Dell
One of the Fairies in the Enchanted Dell - a lovely walk in the hillside woods above the caverns

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