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The Scenic Looe Valley Line - Causeland to Looe

Photographs taken 2010 and 2016

(continuing on from the Liskeard to Causeland section of the line)

Continuing the journey down the Looe Valley line from Causeland Station, the line passes under the Plashford Bridge and the Tregarland Bridge before coming to Sandplace Station, where the East Looe River valley starts to open out and the line follows the bank of the tidal stretch of the river down to Looe.

Looe Valley Line Plashford Bridge
Plashford Bridge.

Looe Valley Line Tregarland Bridge
The Looe line down from Liskeard at Tregarland Bridge

Looe Valley Line Sandplace
Sandplace Station from the bridge

Looe Valley Line Sandplace Bridge
Looking back at Sandplace bridge. The East Looe River is on the left through the rounded arch, after
having crossed sides again, and the route of the old Liskeard and Looe Union Canal can be surmised from the
blocked "centre" rounded arch, where it has been filled in to allow for the new rail line.
(The Looe train is approaching from Liskeard)

Looe Valley Line Sandplace
Sandplace Station

Looe Valley Line Terras to Sandplace
The line coming down from Sandplace up the valley, and following the East Looe River down to Looe

Looe Valley Line River at Terras Bridge
The widening and tidal East Looe River at Terras Bridge. The line comes down from Sandplace on the right

Looe Valley Line Terras Bridge
Terras Bridge from the west bank

Looe Valley Line Terras Canal
The old Liskeard and Looe Union Canal is now sadly all silted up, but a section of it is clearly visible here,
but this was not a wide canal, and an idea of the width can be gleaned here from the walled banks, where the
remains of an old canal lock can also be found. Although wishful thinking, the remains of the old boat
are not a (very small!) old barge, but just an old wooden sailing boat now rotted an fallen away in the silt.

For more history and information about the old canal see the Liskeard & Looe Union Canal on Wikipedia.

Looe Valley Line Terras Canal
The old canal bridge - the high level of silting is clearly obvious!

Looe Valley Line Terras Line
The line down to Looe from Terras Bridge

Looe Valley Line Looe Station
The end of the line at Looe (it used to continue right down to the quayside in the centre of Looe
when granite and copper were brought down from the quarries and mines on the moor)

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