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Photographs taken 2004 to 2010

Polperro is a lovely old Cornish fishing port, and still has its own fish dock and market. The walk down the village to the little harbour is gentle, and there are plenty of places of interest, and to get something to eat or drink - from a simple pasty, to good restaurants and pubs.

Polperro has a colourful and interesting history, with many tales to tell. Not least of all these, are the rich tales of smuggling, and the exploits of those involved in the "free trade", and their various dealings with the Preventative Service and the Customs and Excise men.

A walk down through the village to the harbour...

Polperro Crumplehorn Inn
The Crumplehorn Inn at the top of Polperro village

Polperro Buccaneer Restaurant
The Buccaneer Restaurant as was at the time

Polperro Nelson's
Nelson's Restaurant (recommended!)
(Visit the Nelson's Restaurant Polperro website)

Time to take it easy and just watch the harbour...

Polperro and Harbour
Polperro and the harbour

Polperro Inner Harbour
The inner harbour

Polperro Narrow Streets
A walk through the narrow streets

Polperro Narrow Streams
...and narrow streams!

Polperro Old Quayside
The old quayside at Polperro

Polperro Old Quayside
Houses on the old quayside

Polperro Blue Peter Inn
The Blue Peter Inn down by the harbour ~ excellent food and beer!
A proper little Cornish pub down in the harbour, with great food, and a fine choice of ales.
If you visit Polperro, then visit here!

Polperro Heritage and Smuggling Museum
The Polperro Museum of Smuggling is always well worth a visit!

Polperro Jonathan Livingston
Jonathan gets everywhere!... Jonathan Livingston in Polperro

For more images around the harbour, see the Polperro Harbour page.

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