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Fowey Lifeboats

Photographs taken 2011

The Fowey RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) Lifeboats were both out on exercise one day in May 2011, and were photographed on their way back to their pontoon in Fowey Harbour. The Offshore Lifeboat at Fowey is the Trent Class "Maurice and Joy Hardy", number 14-18, and had been out training with, unusually, two Inshore Lifeboats. The two D-Class Inshore Lifeboats that were out on the day, were the regular station Fowey Lifeboat D681 "Olive Herbert", and the visiting Training Fleet Lifeboat D467 "Kathleen Scadden".

For more information on the RNLI Fowey Lifeboats, visit the Fowey Lifeboat website, or the RNLI website.

Fowey Lifeboat
Fowey RNLI Offshore Lifeboat 14-18 - Trent Class "Maurice and Joy Hardy"

Fowey Lifeboat
Fowey Offshore Lifeboat 14-18 "Maurice and Joy Hardy"

Fowey Lifeboat
Fowey Inshore Lifeboat D681 - "Olive Herbert"

Fowey Lifeboat
Fowey Inshore Lifeboat D681

Fowey Lifeboat Training Boat
Training Inshore Lifeboat D467 - "Kathleen Scadden"

Fowey Lifeboat Training Boat
Inshore Training Lifeboat D467

Fowey Lifeboats and Training Boats
All Lifeboats back on the RNLI pontoon at Berrill's Yard

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