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Penberth Cove

Photographs taken 2014

Penberth Cove is a lovely spot, out of the way in south Penwith. It is a small fishing cove, still with some active fishing boats, and has a wonderful Cornish character. Long may it remain. The fishing boats used to be hauled up the slip by the old wooden whim or capstan, but are now hauled up by a more modern electric winch. The capstan was sadly damaged in the winter storms of early 2014, but has since been repaired to its former glory.

There is an excellent Penberth Cove website with regular news and old photographs from the Cove, and more about its history from someone whose family has lived there for generations. A proper bit of Cornwall.

Penberth Thatched Cottage
Thatched cottage on the way down to Penberth Cove

Penberth Cove
Penberth Cove and the whim or capstan at the head of the slipway

Penberth Cove Cottage
Fishing cottage at Penberth Cove

Penberth Cove Cottage
View of the cove and the stream by the cottage

Penberth Cove Stream
The stream

Penberth Cove
The capstan after it had been repaired from storm damage

Penberth Cove Whim Capstan
The old capstan

Penberth Cove Capstan Broken
The damaged capstan as it was after the winter storms of early 2014

Penberth Cove Capstan Broken
Storm damage

Penberth Cove Boats
Some of the fishing boats still working out of Penberth Cove

Penberth Cove Boats
The cove boats - PZ is Penzance registered

Penberth Cove Boats
The boats on top of the slipway - slippery and dangerous underfoot for the unwary - the path goes behind

Penberth Cove Bridge Stepping Stones
The old mini-clapper bridge

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