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Lanyon Quoit

Photographs taken 2010

Lanyon Quoit is a very attractive Quoit, but not entirely as it seems. It is sadly not in its original condition, but gladly, it has been restored as far as it can be. The quoit collapsed in a storm of 1815, and was rebuilt in 1824, but as some of the supporting stones had broken during the collapse, it is no longer as tall and impressive as it no doubt once used to be. It was, it is told, once possible to ride a horse under it. Sadly no more.

The age of Lanyon Quoit and its exact purpose have been lost in the mists of time, though it is thought to be between 5000 and 6000 years old, and most likely pre 3000 BC. It has been postulated that such quoits were communal burial places, in a similar way to that of Trethevy Quoit on the edge of Bodmin Moor in east Cornwall. It is also surmised, though not proven, that these quoits were originally covered by earth mounds or cairns - possibly this also aided in their original construction. However, the use as a burial chamber or for burial ceremonies is most likely, and future ages have used them for their own ceremonies and rituals, and when they may have been uncovered again and by who, is also a mystery.

I have a soft spot for Lanyon Quoit, as a pair of my glasses now reside there somewhere in the patch of moorland around it. If no-one finds them, they will no doubt remain until some future Time Team arrives to find them in the ground, to add to the mysteries of the place!

Lanyon Quoiy
Lanyon Quoit

Lanyon Quoit
The Quoit

Lanyon Quoit
The Quoit from the opposite side

Lanyon Quoit Filming
Filming for the next Cornish Blockbuster!

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