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Photographs taken 2006 to 2008

Padstow is a thriving town and harbour. It is also a fishing port, and of course is famous for its many fish restaurants, not least of which is Rick Stein's. If you want some excellent fish and chips, then you can do no better that Rick Stein's Fish & Chips on the quay - take away, or sit in if there is room. They really are that good! Superb with a pint of Doom Bar!

Padstow lies on the western side of the Camel Estuary, and is an excellent base for exploring the Camel Trail along the shore of the estuary - or for a place to visit at the end of the Camel Trail. Either way, Padstow caters for all tastes, and rain or shine, there is something for everyone.

Padstow is a more modern name for the original Cornish "Lannwedhenek", or the "holy place of St. Petroc".

Padstow Harbour

Padstow Harbour
Padstow - the Inner Harbour

Padstow Fishing Harbour
Padstow - the Outer Harbour and Fish Dock

Padstow Fishing Boat
Tubby the Padstow Fishing Boat

Padstow Fishing Boat and Ferry
Ferry and Fish

Padstow Harbour Entrance
Looking across the harbour entrance at Padstow

The "Matthew", a replica of John Cabot's famous ship, now based in Bristol, visited in 2006.

Padstow Harbour and the Matthew
The "Matthew" at Padstow

'Obby Oss' Day is held every May Day, and its roots are lost in the festivities of pagan times, but it has also been thought that it was used as a deterrent to any landing by the French! The Obby Oss procedes through Padstow accompanied by a "Teazer" who leads the dancing, and the dancers perform a traditional gyrating dance to the accompaniment of musicians and drummers.

Padstow Obby Oss Decorations
Padstow 'Obby Oss' street decorations put up for May Day

Padstow Obby Oss Decorations
'Obby Oss' decorations

When the ferry to Rock is running (when it is not on the quayside as above...) the trip over to Rock takes you away from the crowds, and to empty sandy beaches stretching away ahead of you towards Polzeath.

Looking acrossto Rock
Looking across the Camel estuary to Rock

Jonathan Livingston can often be seen keeping a keen eye out on the quayside for any tasty morsel that may come his way, or for him to go its way... so guard your pasties well! Watch out for Jonathan's cousins, as they really have learnt that there is far more to any meal than just the fish course!

Jonathan at Padstow Harbour
Jonathan Livingston on his travels visiting Padstow

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