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Kilmar Tor

Photographs taken 2008

The sight of Kilmar Tor slowly appearing from around the curve of the old Kilmar Railway track bed is something to behold. The railway was built in the nineteenth century to serve the small granite quarries around the far side of Kilmar Tor, and was an extension of the Liskeard and Caradon Railway that ran up to Minions and the mines around Caradon Hill and Stowe's Hill on Bodmin Moor.

Below the fore-boding crags of Kilmar Tor on its north side, is the harsh and ancient moorland of Twelve Mens Moor, named from twelve hardy men who were tenants of Launceston Priory, and who took land here to scrape a living during the 13th century. The land has been tamed, as well as tamed it can be, since prehistoric times, and bronze age and medieval villages have been also discovered here.

"Kilmar Tor reigns like some ancient monarch, its jagged grey summits stabbing into wide skies: a ridge of balancing rocks,
Nature's own marvellous sculpture. Time has hardly touched this terrain."

Michael Williams (from Unknown Cornwall) ~ 1984

Kilmar Tor
Approaching Kilmar Tor along the old Kilmar Railway track bed

"Standing on top of Kilmar Tor, for me, was a great experience... the breathtaking beauty and variety of the panoramic views from these pinnacles;
you are nearly 1,300 feet up but the sensation is that you are standing on a mountain top. It is worth the effort,
the cold clear air alone is a tonic; for the rewards are various, especially for those who come quietly and with humility."

...again, from Michael Williams (from Unknown Cornwall) ~ 1984

Kilmar Tor
Kilmar Tor

Kilmar Tor
Kilmar Tor and High Rock

Kilmar Tor
Kilmar Tor has just as spectacular a "cheesewring" as the famous one on Stowe's Hill

High Rock
The summit of High Rock

Kilmar Tor
Kilmar Tor from the west

Kilmar Tor Walkers
The spine of Kilmar Tor (with huddled walkers taking in the atmosphere!)
~ note that dogs must always be kept under close control on leads 1st March to 31st July ~
(to protect lambing and ground-nesting birds)

Kilmar Tor
Looking east along Kilmar Tor towards Dartmoor in the far distance

Kilmar Tor Summit
The "summit" rocks of Kilmar Tor

View from Kilmar Tor
The view across the moor with Sharp Tor on the left and Stowe's Hill on the right

View from Kilmar Tor
Over the moor to Siblyback Lake

Trewortha Bronze Age Village

At Trewortha Farm, there is the reconstruction of a Bronze Age Village, with circular huts and roundhouses, surrounded by many ancient Neolithic burial mounds, and a later medieval village field system. For further information, visit the Trewortha Bronze Age Farm website.

Trewortha Bronze Age Village
The reconstructed Bronze Age village of Trewortha seen from Kilmar Tor

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