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Hardy 20 Family Pilot "Adele"
as she was in 2021 when we sold her

Hardy Family Pilot 20 Built by Hardy Marine of (then) North Walsham in 1989 (Hull No.2089)

Adele is a good example of a Hardy Family Pilot 20, built by Hardy Marine of North Walsham in Norfolk, and designed by Colin Mudie. The Family Pilot is a 20ft (6.1m) sturdy, well-built and very sea-worthy semi-displacement boat, of which around 4000 were built, which justifies its good design. The design of these boats was based on the traditional "pilot boat" style, and is characterised, as are other Hardy boats, by the rope fender around the blue hull. We have now sold Adele to her proud new owners in Fowey who are happy for these pages to remain live to help document her story, and to whom we wish the very best of times sailing with her to continue that story. At the time we sold Adele, she came with extensive fittings, many newly installed while we owned her, and a full inventory. She is powered by a 2003 Mariner 75HP 4-stroke outboard, and has a 2013 Tohatsu 6HP 4-stroke auxiliary.

Hardy Family Pilot Adele for sale - shown on her fore and aft mooring in Pont (Fowey)
Hardy Family Pilot Adele on her fore and aft mooring in Pont (Fowey)

For some additional photographs of Adele out on the water, see Motor Boating in Fowey.

Adele has been featured in previous issues of the Hardy Owners Club magazine, giving details of some of the fittings and modifications carried out,
and f
or further photos and information about the initial works undertaken when we first purchased Adele, see the Family Pilot "Adele" page.

For detailed information and photos about the fitting of the Sea Toilet, Battery Management System, and other items, see the Modifications page.

For detail information and photos about fitting the Outboard Bracket, and the Trim Tabs, see the Modifications 2 page.

Finally, for details of the new Navigation Mast, and how to make one, see the Making a New Wooden Navigation Mast page.

Photos of Adele and the details of her Engines, Fittings and Inventory, as she was in 2021.

Adele Hardy Family Pilot 20 for sale
Adele on a previous temporary mooring in Fowey

Adele ashore in the Boatyard Sept 2021
Adele ashore in the boatyard (September 2021)

Hardy Family Pilot Adele on the pontoon at Penmarlam
Adele on the pontoon at Penmarlam (Fowey)


Adele has a Mariner 75HP 4-stroke outboard (model 7F75412MD) manufactured in 2003, driving a 3-blade 3 x 13.75"x x13 propeller, which is the recommended propeller size for these boats, and the best size for a Hardy Family Pilot with a 75HP engine. We originally had a 3 x 14" x 19" pitch propeller fitted when we bought Adele, but this gave us too high revs and would not get to planing speed. The longer pitch is better suited to much lighter planing boats - not a heavier semi-displacement boat like a Hardy Pilot. The 13" pitch prop that we installed has more punch to get more powerfully up out of displacement to planing mode, and with the Trim Tabs fully deployed that we also installed, we now get to planing speeds at around 12-13kn with revs well under control, before retracting the tabs.

The Mariner 75 has a full throttle range of 4500 to 5500rpm, and over a measured one hour trip from mooring to mooring, including some displacement 5-6kn motoring at around 3000rpm, and a 17kn thrash about in a reasonably choppy sea below max revs, I have measured fuel tank usage by graduated dipstick at 5 litres, giving around 5 litres/hour fuel consumption in perhaps "general" motoring usage at varying revs. At 10kn, the fuel consumption has approached more like 10L/hr, in semi-displacement mode, before fully planing when consumption drops and varies again. Revs recorded at 12kn are around 4400rpm and revs at 18kn are around 5500rpm.

The Mariner was fully professionally serviced during Spring 2021, and the engine has also been fitted with a complete new tilt unit during Spring 2021. The engine is secured by a Volcano Lock.

Adele also has a Tohatsu 6HP 4-stroke long shaft auxiliary outboard (model MFS6C-SL-EX) in excellent condition, which was bought new for the purpose in 2013, and which is mounted on a heavy duty easy lift outboard bracket. The auxiliary is secured by a motorcycle-style Cable Lock.

Mariner 75HP and Tohatsu 6HP Auxiliary on Adele
Mariner 75HP Main Engine and Tohatsu 6HP Auxiliary Outboard on Adele (as seen after fitting Trim Tabs)

Mariner 75 on AdeleMariner 75 on Adele
Fully serviced Mariner 75HP 4-stroke Outboard on Adele

Mariner 75 on Adele
Left side of Mariner 75HP Main Engine

Mariner 75 on Adele
Right side of Mariner 75HP Main Engine

Mariner 75HP and Tohatsu 6HP Auxiliary on Adele
Mariner 75HP Main Engine and Tohatsu 6HP Auxiliary Outboard on Adele when afloat and outboard legs raised

Fittings and Equipment on Adele (see photos below)

Blue Canvas Canopy was new when we bought Adele Dec 2012. It has been professionally laundered March 2021, and is in good condition
Lectrotabs Electric Trim Tabs (fitted 2015)
Jabsco Sea Toilet and Blakes Seacocks (fitted 2013)
100L Water Tank in forward locker (fitted 2013, also provides useful trim ballast!)
Separate Starting and Leisure Batteries with Add-a-Battery Management System (fitted 2014) plus Battery Level Meters
Heavy Duty Auxiliary Outboard Bracket
Outboard Well Cover (hinged to allow main engine to be raised)
3 x 30L Fuel Tanks (two for Main Engine and one separate for Auxiliary (all interchangeable for extended range)
Fuel Change-over Valve for the two main engine fuel tanks
Thetford Spinflo Nelson Double Burner and Grill in Galley with Fiddle Rail, plus Gas Bottle in Lazarette (plus spare bottle kept off-boat)
Galley Lid fitted plus Galley Cushion for Co-pilot Seat
Whale Swivel Tap for Galley Sink
Helm Seat and Legs (folding and collapsible to enable standing at helm)
Wooden Navigation Mast fitted with LED Navigation/Anchor Light (lowerable for bridges etc and removable)
VHF Aerial (lowerable and removable)
LED Port & Starboard Navigation Lights
LED Cabin and Wheelhouse Lights
Lecomble & Schmitt Hydraulic Steering
New Wheelhouse Headlinings fitted Spring 2021
Wheelhouse Hatch replace with Plywood Cover and Solar-powered Vent (original canvas cover still available)
New Vetus Windscreen Wiper Unit, Arm and Blade
Binocular Rack and Chronometer
Carbon monoxide (CO) Alarm
Mid-ships Mooring Cleats
Automatic Bilge Pump in Fuel Tank Well plus additional Manual Bilge Pump with extension tube
2 x 12V Sockets for Cool Box and USB Charging Adapter
Full set of very good condition Cabin Curtains, Cushions, Throw Cushions and Vinyl Cockpit Cushions
Cabin Carpet
2 x Tables and Legs (removable and stowed aboard) for use in cockpit and/or cabin
Traditional Rope Fender - this is serviceable, but it is the only item that will benefit from replacement by any new owner at some point

Full Inventory (see photos below)

Electronics & Navigation:
Garmin EchoMAP 55DV Chartplotter and Down-vu Sonar (with pre-ploaded UK & Ireland Chart) - removable for security
Garmin GT20TM Down-Vu Transducer
Autohelm ST50 Tridata Depth Transducer and Paddlewheel Log (intermittant hence the Garmin!)
Simrad Navico RT1200 VHF Radio (with Licence/Call Sign) - removable for security
Ritchie Explorer Compass (removable for security)

Horseshoe Lifebuoy and Light
MOB Throwing Line
2 x Crewsaver Red Manual Lifejackets with Harnesses (useful for guests aboard)
2 x Personal Safety Lines
Flares Box (sorry, flares just gone out of date but retained as back-up)
Emergency Rope Ladder
Fire Blanket
2 x 1kg Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers
Emergency LED Steaming All-round white light with suction mount and securing line
Large Hand-held S
afety Torch
Signal Flags - 'O' Man Overboard; 'V' Require Assistance; 'W' Require Medical Assistance

Fore and Aft/Trot Jimmy Green Mooring Strops plus Mooring Pickup Line & Buoys
Fore and Aft Alongside Mooring Lines plus additional long Mooring Line and short Mid-ships temporary Mooring Line
6 x Fenders and Lines
Anchor (7kg CQR), Chain and Warp
Telescopic Boat Hook
Mobicool U32 12V/240V Cool Box
2 x Boaties Frying Pans
Collapsible Bucket
2 x Wheelhouse Steps
Ducksback Main Engine and Auxiliary Engine Storage Covers
Winter Tarp

Aboard Adele and Photos of her Equipment and Fittings

Adele Helm View
View into Cabin from the Wheelhouse; Galley to port and Helm to starboard.
The Cabin Table (stowed by the Galley), is used to make up a double berth. The Sea Toilet compatment is behind the helm

Adele Helm
Adele Helm, Engine Controls and Navigation.
Electronics include a combined Garmin Chartplotter and Down-Vu Sonar, plus a Tridata Depth and Paddlewheel Log

Adele HelmAdele Helm
Helm Seat in the up position, or folded down as required - legs store against hull behind seat.
Horseshoe Lifebuoy and Light with quick release positioned under helm

Adele Radio and CompassAdele Chartplotter and Down-Vu Sonar
Simrad Navico VHF Radio, Ritchie Compass and Garmin Chartplotter / Down-Vu Sonar
(the Chartplotter/Sonar can also be operated in Chart mode, Sonar Down-Vu mode, or most usefully in Split Screen mode)
Includes pre-loaded UK and Ireland chart, which is fully zoomable

Adele VHF RadioAdele Trim Tabs Controls
VHF Radio and Trim Tabs Control Panel by helm
Note that the starboard button operates the port tab to achieve starboard bow down! These trim tabs are extremely useful
on a Hardy Pilot and can have benefit at any speed, not just for easier and more comfortable planing

Adele Trim Tabs
The Lectrotabs Trim Tabs installed and in the up position. The Garmin Transducer is to the right of the engine.
The water cooling outlet has a hose attachment for fresh water flush (idle running only).
Note that Adele is no longer kept on a trailer

Adele Navigation MastAdele Canopy
Navigation Mast (with LED Anchor/Steaming Light) and the Canvas Canopy. The mast is lowerable for bridges
if required, as is the VHF aerial. The Gullsweep fitting can also be seen, as can the plywood hatch cover and old vent.
The canopy sides are fully removable and the stern panel rolls up and secures. There is standing headroom within.

Adele Canopy OpenAdele Cockpit
Canopy in use, and view to stern of Cockpit with the second Table in use (the old outboard well cover is still in place).
In practice, we have only ever required one table, and use the same one for cockpit dining as we do for making up the double
berth in the cabin. However, both tables can be easily stowed aboard, secured against the rear and side of the Galley

Adele Outboard Fuel Well - without Fire Blanket CoverAdele Outboard Fuel Well with Fire Blanket Cover
Cockpit and new Outboard Well Cover, plus fuel tanks in place (with cable lock for security)
We used an old fire blanket (can be washed) as a fuel tank cover, and third fuel tank for the Tohatsu Auxiliary is located
in the port cockpit locker (right in photo). This maintains a separate fuel supply to the auxiliary, whilst
all three 30 Litre fuel tanks are interchangeable for extended range if required

Adele Fuel Tanks changeover ValveAdele Cockpit and Throwing Line
A Fuel Changeover Valve has now been installed in the port cockpit locker for easy changeover of the
two main engine fuel tanks in the fuel well the outlet goes through a water separating fuel filter thence through
a priming bulb to the main engine. Right photo also shows the MOB Throwing Line

Adele Auxiliary Outboard BracketAdele Hydraulic Steering
The heavy duty Outboard Bracket has the spring well balanced for easy lowering and raising.
Photo on the right shows the Hydraulic Steering rams and the re-routed engine fuel and control cables

Adele Add-a-Battery - Battery Management SystemAdele Blakes Seacocks
An Add-a-Battery Management System for the starter and leisure batteries has been fitted,
and the reliable Blakes Seacocks have been installed for the Sea Toilet

Adele NarniaAdele Narnia
The Heads Compartment on Adele with the Jabsco Sea Toilet installed, together with
the required anti-syphon loops in the flush and outlet pipes. There is an access hatch under the carpet if ever required

Adele CabinAdele Cabin
The cabin itself has very good condition locker cushions, and four additional throw cushions,
plus fitted easy-slide and tie-back curtains. The cabin deck is also carpeted, with a socket for using the Table

Adele Binocular RackAdele LED Cabin Lights
Binocular Rack and Chronometer just inside the cabin door on the Galley side.
The two Cabin Lights (plus the Wheelhouse Light) are all LED (the Heads Compartment Light is standard)

Adele Cabin Fold-down DoorAdele Crewsaver Lifejackets
The Cabin Door hinges have been modified to make the upper hatch board fold-down.
Crewsaver Manual lifejackets with Harnesses for personal safety

Adele GalleyAdele Galley and Co-pilot Seat
The Galley has also been modified, and a Whale Swivel Tap fitted, to allow the use of a Galley Co-pilot Seat cushion.
The useful fold-down sink cover also doubles as an extra work surface when cooking. Boat Hook above.

Adele Galley and SinkAdele Galley Spinflo Twin Hob and Grill
Galley Sink with cover up, and the Thetford Spinflo Nelson Double Burner and Grill in use with one of two Boatie Pans.

Galley StorageAdele fresh Water Tank
The under-Galley storage area, effectively the size of the Galley itself, is multi-purpose. Access is from within the cabin,
but some access is also possible where the small galley tray slots in. There is additional storage in the two main lockers
through removable access lids in the locker tops. The 100L Fresh Water Tank is in the bow locker, with a deck fill.

Adele Cool BoxAdele Cool Box
The Mobicool Cool Box can run from the switched 12V socket provided under the helm controls.
The Cool Box can also be powered in-car if taken off the boat, and it also has a 240V power lead for when required

Adele Automatic Bilge PumpAdele manual Bilge Pump
There is an automatic Whale Supersub Smart650 Bilge Pump in the Fuel Well, and an additional manual
Bilge Pump mounted behind the helm position, with an inlet pipe non-return extension to pump wherever required.
In the left hand photo, you can also see the Tridata Paddlewheel Log access and Tridata Depth Transducer. These have
never been overly reliable, hence the Garmin unit, but have been left installed as a back-up

Adele Wheelhouse RoofAdele Wheelhouse Headlining
The modified Wheelhouse Hatch Cover with Solar Vent replaced the old canvas cover, and new vinyl Wheelhouse Headlinings
have been fitted. The Wheelhouse LED Light can also be seen, plus the VHF Radio and the new Vetus Wiper Unit

Adele Windscreen WiperAdele Windscreen Wiper New Motor
The new Vetus Wiper Unit and Wiper Arm during installation.
The new unit has been set up as single speed but can be wired and switched as a dual speed unit

Adele Fore-deck Anchor Locker, Mooring Bit and CleatsAdele Anchor, Chain and warp
The Fore-deck and Anchor Locker, withe 7kg CQR Anchor, Chain and approximately 100ft of Warp.
Padding has been provided in the locker, and the anchor can be secured to the bits and lowered over the bow roller

Adele Fore-deckAdele Mid-ships Cleats
View showing the Foredeck Pulpit and Guard Rail, Teak Grab Rail and Cabin Hatch with Mushroom Vent.
The Fresh Water Tank Deck-fill can be seen to the left. The forward Mooring Line is kept in the Anchor Locker.
Mid-ships Cleats have also been fitted - a necessity if single-handed, and not fitted to motor boats often enough!

For Sale - Hardy Family Pilot Adele seeks caring new owner
Adele - a well loved boat.


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