Liskeard & Caradon Railway

The Liskeard & Caradon Railway (L&CR) originally linked up at Moorswater (below Liskeard) with the Liskeard & Looe Union Canal, and then later with the Liskeard & Looe Railway (L&LR). The line was constructed for the shipping of granite and copper ore from the old copper mines and granite quarries on the heights of Bodmin Moor (at over 1150 feet above sea level) to Moorswater, to meet the canal and L&LR for onward transportation to the sea-port of Looe. The L&LR line from Liskeard is still in operation as the very scenic Looe Valley Line.

Liskeard & Caradon Railway memorial near St.Cleer
Virtually all that remains of laid track today is the memorial to the Tremabe Bridge, where the
railway passed under the road just south of St.Cleer. The bridge was demolished in 1985.

Liskeard & Caradon Railway memorial plaque
Close up of the sign on the memorial

track bed of the Liskeard & Caradon Railway near Caradon Hill
Much of the old track beds are preserved as walking tracks, which make very good paths to explore.

(Above is seen the L&CR track bed going south from the Cheesewring and old Kilmar quarries,
with the old Bellingham Shaft pumping engine house of Wheal Jenkin near Minions in the centre,
just before it curves around Caradon Hill, with its far more modern TV mast behind)

The Liskeard and Caradon Railway had a convoluted route in its attempt to scale the comparative heights of Bodmin Moor, and this can be shown from the two map copies below that are on display in the Minions Heritage Centre, now the base for the CHAHP project office. The line to the north continued on as the Kilmar Railway, to serve the Bearah Tor and Kilmar Tor quarries.

Liskeard & Caradon Railway - northern section
The northern section of the Liskeard & Caradon Railway
(photo taken from map on display at Minions Heritage Centre)

Liskeard & Caradon Railway - southern section
The southern section of the Liskeard & Caradon Railway
(photo taken from map on display at Minions Heritage Centre)

Liskeard & Caradon Railway bridge near South Caradon Mine
The old L&CR bridge to the south of Caradon Hill and the South Caradon Mine

Liskeard & Caradon Railway bridge in Tremar, near St.Cleer
The LC&R bridge in Tremar (near St.Cleer) now has trees growing on it!

Liskeard & Caradon Railway bridge just before High Wood
The L&CR bridge over the lane to Liskeard near Woodhill Manor,
before the line enters High Wood on its way round and down into Moorswater

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